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December is not a good time to lose weight

I recently picked up this sentence from a conversation. My immediate thought was: I absolutely agree with you. Why? If you are convinced of this, then it will be exactly the same. December will not help you lose weight. This is also the case with all other goals that are directly thwarted by negative thoughts. Negative thoughts (‘I can’t do it’) rarely lead to positive outcomes. Not surprising 😏

It’s often only your own negative thoughts that stand in the way of achieving your goals, not a lack of skills ☝️ You can undoubtedly do this. But you have to tell your head that too!

Positive thoughts also shape our actions 😃


There is a reason why every goal achievement and every first step begins in the mind.

What does that mean? A simple explanation in two steps:

Step 1

By not only becoming aware of the goal, but also clearly imagining how we will achieve it (in images, sensory impressions, emotions), we are already setting the course for our actions 🧠✨ Who will we tell first? How will we celebrate each of the successes? How will the joy feel? When we proudly proved that this ominous bastard didn’t stand a chance against us. And who have we inspired along the way to also believe in themselves and get started? These feelings of inner strength, power, courage and determination make us unstoppable! I thought I could. So I did.

You can see what’s already possible – so you don’t even have to leave the sofa to take the first step 😆

Step 2

Thanks to the neuroplasticity of our brain, the repetition of these thoughts over time forms new connections in the brain, which replace the old ones (‘I can’t do this’). It will be easier from now on, both in your head and in your actions 🙏🏼

So instead of making it so difficult for yourself, especially at the beginning, imagine how it feels to fit back into your pants from 3 years ago, to give your reflection a beaming look on Mondays and to eat a relaxed and balanced diet at any time of year without a guilty conscience and nasty cravings. Without renunciation and prohibitions. Cookies and mulled wine also go well with it 😉

So you’d better get the snow plow out of the garage to clear your path over the next few weeks ❄️

You don’t really believe that your thoughts can help you and don’t know how to get started? Nothing could be easier. I’ll help you take the first step. And also for all the following.

I also have a few snow chains in the garage ✌🏼

Just send me a short message and we’ll see how we can help you.

Do you fancy gingerbread and mulled wine now? 🤪