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The most important team in the world? You & your body

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Welcome to my world

full of energy, inspiration & the joy of life

We all have a story that has made us become the person we are today. Here I would like to tell you a little about mine. I’m a so called northern light from head to toe: I’ve been living in Hamburg for many years and I like to spend a couple of weeks throughout the year in my favorite place in Denmark. I need to be near the sea and love going out on a boat, enjoying nature and fishing. Yes, indeed. That’s why I was often drawn to the Norwegian countryside and I was lucky enough to travel up and down the land of fjords. And to this day, I still claim Sweden and my two unforgettable years in Gothenburg for the best time of my life.

While my former self didn’t pay much attention, I’ve been placing great value on the following things for a few years now: eating with pleasure, taking it easy in everyday life and being conscious of my own body. I’m very happy about that, because it wasn’t always like that. I know what it’s like when you have high expectations and are prepared to give it your all. To literally putting in body and soul into your work and to sometimes losing sight of the really important things.

I originally grew up in the world of communications and have worked in media consulting and digital marketing for many years. I always love to think back to that time because I’ve learned so much. Especially about myself. It became particularly exciting when I was allowed to take on additional responsibility for others as a manager. The actual challenge was to understand that this will probably only work as long as I am willing to take responsibility for myself in the first place. And I kept coming back to the same point: how important our own body is and the way we treat ourselves. Every day, our health and well-being determine how powerful we currently are and whether we will be able to fulfill all our wishes and plans in the future. Without a strong body and a clear mind, we won’t really get very far. And this understanding still forms the basis for all my decisions.

But whatever life has in store, always remember: everything takes time.

Hi, I'm Caro

Nice to meet you!

lemon love, sea-addicted

and lots of hygge

The Nutritional Coaching is my biggest project close to my heart. Many experiences and insights over the past few years have enabled me to find this passion and make it part of my everyday life. The first time I really got to grips with nutrition was back in Sweden, when I started to work out regularly. That was a real game changer, because you automatically pay more attention to what you eat when you’re active. Quite practical. I now know exactly how important it is to adapt your nutrition to your individual needs and requirements. After all, we are all different. And I know how difficult it can be to find your way through the complex nutritional jungle. Not to mention the challenge of adapting all this to a busy lifestyle. I experienced it myself and found my own way. Step by step and at my own pace. Which, by the way, is the most important thing.

I am a NUTRI.NØRD. For me, there will never be a better investment than the one focussing on a good health. Because it always pays off. Always. A perfect day for me starts with two large glasses of water – one of them with fresh lemon juice, a short morning walk for a clear mind and an energizing workout. I always cannot wait for the breakfast afterwards, whether it’s something I’ve created myself or via a date with other breakfast lovers. You may have found out that my coaching is not just about nutrition in the sense of nutrients, meals and food. In order to really feel higher energy in the long term and sustainably increase your own well-being, we go far beyond simply looking at nutrition.

Why is this so important? Because people don’t just eat all day long. We sleep, work, move, are stressed, do sports, get ill, have emotions, needs and ultimately do not live in isolation. We are surrounded by countless external influences. And that every single day. Consciously and unconsciously. All these influences have an effect on our body and significantly determine our eating behavior. Integrated planning of these factors is therefore crucial for long-term success.

I have learned so much about myself and others on my journey so far and have had countless positive experiences that have made me happier, stronger and more content. Passing this on to my clients and helping them achieving their goals is what drives me every day. Motivating others motivates me! And it is important to me that it also works for YOU. Here’s my motto: hoping for change without doing anything yourself is like waiting for a ship at a train station. If you have the desire for change and are just as curious, motivated and open, then I would love getting to know you.

Carolin Arndt Hygge Energie Wohlbefinden Ernährung Genuss Leidenschaft Food Ernährungscoach


My inspiration & goals

Visionboard Carolin Arndt Hygge Inspiration Coaching Trolltunga Werte bewusste Ernährung
Visionboard Carolin Arndt Hygge Inspiration Coaching Trolltunga Werte bewusste Ernährung

My vision

Your body is a team player

Carolin Arndt and my NUTRI.NØRD method stand for the love of nutrients and the appreciation of food. The joy of conscious eating with pleasure and without sacrifice. Increasing your energy for the life you envision. And the joy of the “little” things in everyday life – conscious breaks, grocery shopping, preparing meals, serenity, exercise and nature. Simple, fast and uncomplicated. Since the beginning, I have had the vision of helping everyone to eat healthier and live more consciously. To support everyone in recognizing and using the potential of their own body. Putting your own health first and understanding the added value of a balanced and needs-based nutrition. Because I am a NUTRI.NØRD.

And you are very welcome to become a part of it. Are you in?