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Your 1:1


My 1:1 Coaching is your program for long-term and sustainable success. Over the course of several months, I will provide you with everything you need to achieve your goal. A nutrition tailored to you and your needs forms the basis of our collaboration. In addition to the intensive support in our personal online sessions, I will accompany you in the steps that are often the most difficult – the implementation in your everyday life. And since we all tick differently, there is no ready-made plan that works for everyone. The key to sustainable success lies in individual implementation. That’s why we regularly discuss your progress and work out the next steps towards your goal on this basis.

Let’s tackle it together:

  • We find out which nutrition best suits your body and your needs to finally achieve your feel-good body
  • You learn to choose the right foods and nutrients and thus integrate a conscious nutrition into your everyday life in the long term
  • You finally get more power for your plans and benefit from your increased performance, both at work and in your private life
  • You manage to get rid of unwanted kilos step by step without having to go on another diet and you will look at your reflection in the mirror with a beaming smile in the future
  • We’ll have fun working together and I’ll always give you the right advice on how to reach your goal even better – no matter where you are at the moment! 100% online and flexibly tailored to your everyday life

The first step is just one introductory call away. I’m looking forward to it!


Help in the nutritional jungle?

My offer for you

Have you been toying with the idea of changing your diet for a while and want to finally feel better in your body? Would you like to eat a more balanced diet, have noticeably more energy in your everyday life and finally reach your feel-good weight, but don’t really know how to go about it? My offer is tailored precisely to your needs and goals. Let’s check together what suits you.

Life is too short not to take what you want. Let’s go!



Do you feel overwhelmed by the complex nutritional jungle and have more and more question marks in your head the longer you think about your nutrition? You don’t want to spend hours looking for helpful information only to end up asking yourself what really matters? And would you like someone you can ask any questions you have about your diet and who will answer them in an uncomplicated and relaxed atmosphere so that you know your way around afterwards?

Then my NUTRI.SKILLS are just right for you! In our personal sessions, you will receive concentrated knowledge on the topics of energy balance, metabolism, nutrients and cell health. In addition to all the basics of a balanced diet, I will explain to you, for example, what really matters when it comes to an energy-boosting meal, how you can lose weight successfully in the long term without having to revisit the Yo-yo effect to have realized how much Stress on your eating behavior and how you can influence your metabolism to sleep restfully. sleep and leave you feeling energized and concentrated to feel. Each topic is packed with practical tips for implementation and offers plenty of space for your questions and sharing experiences.

The multi-part series is divided into individual sessions and topics and can be flexibly adapted to your schedule. For each session, we meet online in my personal Zoom room. You grab your favorite drink and make yourself comfortable. I provide you with all the skills you need for a strong body and an alert mind. Nutrition has never been easier! And just between you and me – it could be contagious! If you can’t hold on any longer and want to get started straight away, we will of course find a way to put your knowledge directly into practice. You’re already well on your way!

Ernährungsberatung Stoffwechsel Darm Mikrobiom Abnehmen Energie



The NUTRI.CHECK is just right for you if you want to know where you currently stand with your diet, how balanced your body is with nutrients and what options you have to adapt your diet to your actual needs. Regardless of whether you want to lose, gain or maintain weight, an optimal nutrient intake is the basis for all your goals. After a detailed medical history and analysis of your needs and nutritional behavior, you will receive a comprehensive evaluation and specific recommendations according to your defined goal as well as the most important tips for implementation in your everyday life. The duration of this cooperation is approx. 4-6 weeks. The NUTRI.CHECK serves as a kick-off for your future dietary change and sets the course for your successful start. It is suitable for anyone who wants to optimize their nutrition independently, with the help of the right foundation. In contrast to my intensive coaching program, the implementation of all measures in everyday life is then entirely up to you. If required, we can of course extend the collaboration and provide comprehensive support until you reach your goal.




My NUTRI.ACADEMY is one of the biggest projects I am currently working on. A comprehensive knowledge platform that brings together the topics of nutrition, body and mind. In various modules and numerous video trainings you will be guided step by step through the comprehensive world of nutrition & nutrients, energy balance and metabolism. You will learn how to take optimum care of your body every day in order to get closer to your personal goal.

Whether beginner or advanced – the Academy will be suitable for every level. Once you have successfully registered, you will receive your personal access and can use the Academy to its full extent and at your leisure via self-study. The individual lessons also contain exciting tips & simple tricks for applying the knowledge gained and, if desired, offer helpful templates for everyday use. The right product to help you understand nutrition with ease and start implementing it into your everyday life in small steps. Stay tuned! It will start soon.

Ernährungsberatung Stoffwechsel Darm Mikrobiom Abnehmen Energie