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Group power

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ENERGY Challenge

The classic during darker season! The days are being shorter, but YOUR energy level is rising! Sounds like a contradiction to you? Not with me and my EAT YØUR ENERGY Challenge. Because here I not only show you how to give your body a real energy boost, we also put everything directly into practice. 3 weeks full of group power, motivation and – if you need it – a gentle extra a…kick.

You can expect a 20-day short program of nutrition, habits and mindset – all designed to really boost YOUR energy levels. You will receive valuable tips on food, nutrients and a strong metabolism as well as an accompanying workbook, practical checklists for each day and useful templates for your notes and habits. In regular online live sessions, we talk about the most important basics and nutritional habits. Thanks to the recordings, you won’t miss anything even if you can’t be live with us. Our exclusive WhatsApp group also provides daily inspiration and team power for your high-energy YOU.

For many participants, the challenge was not only the perfect first step towards change, they also keep on telling me about their life-changing experience with gratitude til this day. A lasting energy boost!

And don’t forget: no matter how slow it goes, you will overtake everyone who stays on the couch doing nothing!


Fancy inspiration & succeeding together?

Here is your offer

Would you like to do something for your well-being and be inspired in a variety of ways? Are you also looking for that extra dose of motivation in a small group? Then my group power offers are definitely the right thing for you!

You can register individually, with your favorite person or safe one of the offers exclusively for your group.

No matter what you choose – I will provide you with extensive knowledge about nutrients and metabolism, useful tips & tricks for implementation and, of course, concentrated motivation & inspiration from the respective group. It’s finally easy to get started!


SUGAR Challenge

Planning for this is currently in full swing, as we start on February 12. You can still register now if you would like to take part. Places are limited. In this challenge, we are placing an extra focus on digestion and our gut health. As a central digestive organ, our gut not only regulates the processing of all nutrients, but also plays THE decisive role in a healthy metabolism, successful weight control and our mental health.

In the 3 week challenge period, I’ll show you which nutrients, foods and mealtime tricks you can use to build a healthy gut microbiome in the long term and what you should look out for when snacking, eating out and throughout your daily routine if you want to take care of one of the most important organs for your wellbeing.

The name of the challenge also reveals a lot, as our body needs a good balance of nutrients for the longevity and diversity of healthy gut bacteria and therefore also appropriate sugar management. So if you want to better understand the sugar in our food and be more aware of your own sugar intake after the challenge, you should definitely not miss this opportunity! Of course, you will receive helpful and simple tips for implementing the knowledge throughout the entire period, as this challenge is also intended for direct participation and trial and error. Online live sessions, a workbook with checklists and daily templates as well as the exclusive WhatsApp group for mutual exchange and shared motivation are also part of this challenge. And I’ll also give you my energy promise! What are you waiting for?

Ernährungsberatung Stoffwechsel Darm Mikrobiom Abnehmen Energie



As the name suggests, the NUTRI.LIGHT ticket is the right product for anyone who wants an easy and non-binding introduction to the topic of nutrition. With little effort and no obligations, you get monthly inspiration, knowledge and exchange as well as answers to all the food questions that keep you busy in everyday life.

The ticket consists of 3 elements per month: During the online “Happy Hour” I am there for you live once a month. Whether it’s exciting Q&As, an entertaining exchange of experiences, a relaxed get-together or a few extra tips for your diet – here YOU decide what’s really important to you. In addition there’s a delicious recipe for you every month. Video instructions, detailed recipe card and nutritional information. And as a third goodie, you’ll get a short how-to video with my best tricks and useful insider knowledge.

The ticket can be booked on a monthly basis or in a 5-month savings bundle. You can join at any time and can easily extend your course if required. Would you like to check in? Then come along next time.




This package is aimed at all companies, managers and HR managers who want to do something good for their employees, teams and themselves. I regularly support small and large businesses with their wonderful initiatives focused on physical and mental health and improving overall wellbeing.

My WEBINAR SNACKPAKET is the perfect complement to possible offers in the direction of stress management, mindfulness training, yoga, etc. and can also be booked very well with existing management and development training courses due to the objective of increasing performance.

The current 9-part webinar package is aimed specifically at you as a busy professional and contains everything you need to know about nutrients, energy balance and metabolism to ensure more energy in the long term – both at work and at home. The sessions take place live via the video service used by your company and take around 40-60 minutes. The content can be adapted to your wishes if required.

You can simply send me a message if you would like specific information and I will get back to you for further coordination. And for my Hamburg people: I’m also happy to come to your office – let’s revive officelife!

Pay attention to your body. It is the most important resource!

Ernährungsberatung Stoffwechsel Darm Mikrobiom Abnehmen Energie



Since last summer, this online course has been available for all foodies who want to understand nutrition better, but don’t have the time to browse through tons of books, blogs and tutorials, nor do they want to laboriously look up all the information themselves. Whether beginner or advanced – the NUTRI.SUMMER SCHOOL bundles all the important information about nutrition, eating behavior, sleep, habits and physical and mental performance in one offer.

In several online live sessions, I will explain the basics of the world of nutrients and teach you about the functionality of our metabolism in connection with stress, sleep, concentration and motivation. Over four weeks, you will build up a comprehensive understanding of your body and learn to better understand the signals it sends you. You’ll find the right Q&As and my best tips and tricks for implementation on top, so you can get started straight away and say goodbye to cravings, low energy levels, poor sleep and weak nerves, for example.

The SUMMER SCHOOL is not only planned for the summer, but is intended to provide you with the desired energy boost, fun and enjoyment as an online nutrition course at any time of year in the future, so that you have the perfect basis for increasing your performance and well-being at all times. You can already register now for the next course so that you don’t miss the start of the next round.

Ernährungsberatung Stoffwechsel Darm Mikrobiom Abnehmen Energie



Every body is different and every person has different needs. Only with the right nutrients we can all be productive on a daily basis and use our own potential without regularly reaching our own limits or going far beyond them.

Your team and your employees also have individual requirements and needs. The better you look after yourself, the more consciously you use your own resources and the stronger you are as a team. That is no secret. But not always easy to implement in our stressful everyday working life. I know this all too well from my own past and therefore know exactly how it feels and what really matters.

That’s why I offer you and your company, your managers, your department or your team individual nutrition workshops that you can design according to your own ideas. Whether you want to focus on boosting your energy levels, a strong nervous system or sustainable stress management and also need a few tips for a balanced and simple office meal – the right nutrients are the best basis for all these goals. We can either hold the workshops on site in your office or broadcast them via video stream for all remote teams and locations of your choice.

So if you have any special requests or ideas, please let me know. I look forward to supporting you!